Endocrinology Office in Las Vegas

Endocrinology Office in Las Vegas

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Why See an Endocrinologist in Las Vegas?

If you had a problem with your eyes, you’d see an ophthalmologist, and if your shoulder was hurting you, the first call to make would be an orthopedist. Well, at The DOCS Diabetes, we are your specialists when it comes to the expert diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and management of conditions and diseases that are either directly linked to your endocrine system or related to its function. When it comes to diabetes, hormone imbalances, low testosterone, thyroid disorders, and weight loss, depend on our endocrinology office in Las Vegas.

While their causes are different, the effects of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are very similar. That’s because in either situation, your blood sugar tends to be either too high or too low often enough to be far from ideal. These fluctuations result in a dangerous problem, which can extend to causing eye disease, nerve damage, and poor circulation, especially to the extremities. And having diabetes may be related to weight problems, either causing them or being the cause of them. Our endocrinology office in Las Vegas will consult with you to develop a plan, based on your unique profile, that is effective for you. Reaching and maintaining a healthy body weight is key to not only looking good, but feeling good. With the right strategy of diet, exercise, and (when applicable) medication, you will be pleasantly surprised at how smoothly you can shed those excess pounds, regain energy, and mitigate the effects of diabetes and other ailments. Your endocrine system regulates various hormones, and if those are not in the right amounts, you are likely to suffer consequences. Examples include testosterone and thyroid hormones, both of which are also sometimes related to weight issues.

The reason to come to our endocrinology office in Las Vegas is to get the benefit of experienced and skilled care. These are issues that are beyond what your primary care doctor can successfully treat. Arrange an appointment with us right now.

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